22 August


01 August


12 March

#صندوق التكافل

The committee of the Social Solidarity Fund at Misurata University announces that it is still receiving applications for joining the fund from faculty members, teaching assistants and employees at the university. In addition, faculty members and teaching assistants who are sent abroad on government scholarships by the university are also considered to be accepted, provided that they keep getting... READ MORE

09 March

#اليوم العلمي التوعوي الخاص بفيروس كورونا

In cooperation with the National Center for Disease Control, Misurata University and Sada Aljameaa Newspaper organize the Scientific Awareness-raising Day about COVID-19. During the event, the audience were given the opportunity to give their opinions and ask questions as debate was opened and various significant questions were raised and answered by the doctors. READ MORE

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